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Could you be a Federation rep?

Constables, sergeants, inspectors and chief inspectors are being encouraged to put themselves forward for the chance to represent their colleagues on key issues. Nominees are being sought at upcoming elections for positions within Leicestershire Police Federation.

Tiff Lynch, who has chaired the Force's Federation branch since 2015, explained: "Becoming a rep for the organisation can be very rewarding. This is a role which gives you the chance to represent people you know and help them in what can be some very difficult situations.

"Coming from active roles within the Force, Federation workplace representatives know the pressures of the job and the difficulties officers may face. This really helps in the role of a rep because you automatically have an empathy and level of understanding which is very beneficial to all parties.

"There are, like in any job, frustrations at times but when you help an officer in need from anything such as a quick piece of advice to representing them on a serious or lengthy matter, it can be extremely rewarding."

All reps receive comprehensive training and go on to have access to numerous new qualifications which can complement their skill set.

There is a Federation branch in every force representing 120,000 officers nationwide.

The Federation works on three levels: local, regional and national and any successful nominees can put themselves forward for posts at the national Federation should they emerge.

Federation reps can help colleagues deal with detail and factual information on issues like pay, pensions and grievances. They can also offer moral support and friendly advice to officers who may be going through a difficult time at work.

Reps also have access to third-party sources who may be able to aid officers, if they don't know the answers themselves.

The Police Federation of England and Wales was established in 1919 and has represented the interests of officers from the ranks of constable to chief inspector ever since. The organisation is funded by monthly subscriptions from officers.

To find out more information and read case studies from officers whose careers and lives have been helped in some way by Federation reps, visit: www.polfed.org/campaigning/3733.aspx

And if you are interested in putting yourself forward or just want to talk to someone about the role, please contact your workplace rep or Tiff and Matt Robinson (secretary) in the Federation office.