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Upbeat - out now

The September edition of Leicestershire Police Federation's Upbeat magazine is now out and available to view or download. Printed copies will be circulated around the Force.

Inside is the story of the Federation's successful campaign to get the Force to introduce the spit guards for all officers - something that has been warmly welcomed among rank and file officers. There is also a look back at the huge reaction in local, national and on social media to the video footage released showing an assault on a Leicestershire officer in a custody suite. The one-minute video further highlighted the work being done by the Federation towards the national Protect The Protectors campaign, which is now finally getting the backing by MPs that it deserves.

There is a special feature on the two Leicestershire officers - one regular officer and a Special - who enjoyed a drinks reception at No 10 Downing Street after being nominated for the Police Bravery Awards and a look at the typically sterling efforts of those who rode the Care of Police Survivors (COPS) Unity Tour and attended the charity's memorial service which included a tribute to Leicestershire's Austin Jackson.

Elsewhere, there are plenty of stories illustrating the effects that recent cuts to the service have had on individuals within the Force - and the Federation's attempts to bring those issues into the public forum.

You can read Upbeat here.