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Pay and morale survey: 'uncomfortable reading'

A massive 86.5 per cent of police officers who responded to this year's Police Federation Pay and Morale Survey said they did not feel fairly paid considering the stresses and strains of their job.

The results of the survey also revealed:
  • 72.5 per cent of respondents felt they were worse off now than they were five years ago
  • 72 per cent, a record high, were dissatisfied with their salary, compared with 60 per cent last year
  • More than one in 10 officers and one in six probationers never or almost never had enough money to cover all their essentials
  • 60.2 per cent said their own personal morale was low; a larger proportion than reported low morale in 2016
  • 84.9 per cent said how the police as a whole are treated had a negative impact on their morale.
  • 72.2 per cent of said their workload had increased in the last year
  • 71.5 per cent said their responsibilities had increased.
  • 62.2 per cent of respondents said their workload had been too high in the last 12 months; slightly higher than seen in last year's survey.

The Federation's general secretary, Andy Fittes, says the findings make uncomfortable reading and show members are feeling financial strain.

"We know officers are struggling, with some using food vouchers, which is frankly not acceptable for those employed to keep us safe or in fact any public sector worker," he says.

"We have continually warned that policing is in a critical condition; Government budgets cuts mean fewer officers and diminished resources, yet crime and demand for the service is continually rising. Our officers are under immense pressure to deliver, more now than ever with the constant threat of terrorism, and all they want is to be adequately paid."

A total of 30,557 officers took part in the 2017 Pay and Morale Survey; a response rate of 25 per cent of all Federated rank officers in England and Wales. The survey was open from 18 April to 9 June this year.

The findings of the survey are used in the Police Federation's submission to the Police Remuneration Review Body in relation to the pay award for 2018.

Reports showing the results from individual forces will be published next month.

PFEW Pay and Morale Survey - the full report.