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New Government must re-invest in policing

The new Government must show an immediate commitment to re-invest in policing, according to the chairman of Leicestershire Police Federation.

Tiff Lynch says Prime Minister Theresa May must act quickly in the wake of the Conservative Party's narrow victory in the General Election.

"More than ever, we need a commitment to change for the better and that means actions to support Mrs May's words in terms of the nation's security, and investment that would allow an increase in police numbers in Leicestershire," Tiff said.

"It is now time for the new Government to show that it takes the safety of the public and police officers seriously. Cuts to policing budgets in the last few years have reduced the numbers of officers on our streets and that has had a detrimental effect on neighbourhood policing which is a vital part of the police service.

"We also need investment in equipment, such as Taser, and technology to help police forces do the jobs they are entrusted to do by the public.

"The Force is doing its best to cope with the cuts and provide an effective policing service but there is only so much it can do when its resources are stretched due to the budget cuts."

Tiff has also called on the Home Secretary to get behind police officers. "Ms Rudd kept her seat at the General Election and was kept at the Home Office in the Prime Minister's re-shuffle but, after addressing officers at the national Police Federation conference just before the country voted, we now need her to fight our cause."

Steve White, chairman of the Police Federation of England and Wales, has echoed Tiff's views.

"Theresa May's Government must start as it means to go on and show the country that it takes public safety seriously - financial investment back into policing is the least it must do," he explained.

"The protection of its citizens should be the primary responsibility of any Government and Theresa May can start by properly investing in our police service."