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Working together to support officers

Leicestershire Police Federation chairman Tiff Lynch (pictured left) has met the Gurney Fund's manager Christine McNicol (centre, left) and the Police Dependants' Trust's chief executive Gill Scott-Moore (centre, right) to discuss the support the two organisations offer to police officers and their families.

The meeting was also attended by the Force's Benevolent Fund administrator Dom Allen (right).

"We want to promote the huge benefits these three organisations can offer to our police officers," says Tiff, "We will soon embark on a joint campaign to inform officers how they can get extra support when they need it.

"We are really grateful to the Gurney Fund and the Police Dependants' Trust for meeting with us."

More details about the work of the Gurney Fund, the Police Dependants' Trust and the Force Benevolent Fund will appear on the website, in Upbeat and through our social media feeds in the coming months.