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Taser trained officers - the PFOA can help you

Are you Taser trained? If so, have you thought about becoming a member of the Police Firearms Officers' Association (PFOA)?

The PFOA is managed by serving and retired police officers and provides first class, confidential support to officers affected by a work-related incident or event that has caused them or their family distress or worry.

The association aims to provide support, advice and friendship at a time when officers or their families need it most. It can provide:

  • Face to face counselling - arranged within 48 hours
  • PFOA NLP welfare coaches - arranged within 24 hours
  • Occupational physiotherapy - five sessions
  • Financial assistance
  • Respite breaks, and
  • Organised peer support.

Members of the PFOA also have access to the Welfare Support Programme (WSP), which has been operating for almost two years and has helped more than 500 officers with round the clock access to support services. Officers can access WSP when they are:

  • Involved in death or serious injury investigation
  • Served gross misconduct papers
  • Suspended from duty, or if
  • The Federation believes officers would benefit from having access to the programme.

The PFOA launched in 2009 and since then more than 7,000 firearms officers from all over the UK and Channel Islands have joined. Membership costs just 4 a month.

For more information call 01354 697890, email info@pfoa.co.uk or go to www.pfoa.co.uk