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Taser survey - have your say

Leicestershire officers are being urged to take part in a national survey on the use of Taser.

The Police Federation of England and Wales is conducting the survey in the wake of a public poll last year that revealed 71 per cent of people consider it acceptable for police officers to carry Taser while on patrol.

The national Federation has always insisted that while it supports a wider roll-out of Taser, officers should be able to choose whether they carry it.

Taser has proven to be a useful tool for those officers who do carry it, with there being no need to actually use the device in 80 per cent of the cases where it has been drawn, protecting both communities and officers themselves.

"With an increased roll-out of Taser and appropriate training in Force, this survey is very timely," says Tiff Lynch, chairman of Leicestershire Police Federation, "I would encourage all officers to take advantage of this opportunity to have their say on this issue."

The national Federation has repeatedly called on the Government to increase Taser funding.

National Federation chairman Steve White said: "We believe that officers need to have access to the right kit to help protect themselves. We will continue to lobby the Government to make funding available if a chief constable sanctions the use of Taser for those officers who want it.

"This national survey gives us a great opportunity to strengthen our position, which remains that any officer who wants access to this piece of equipment should have it." The survey, the only national one of its kind, runs until 20 January.

To take part, click here.