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Force fares well in morale survey

Leicestershire Police has the second highest level of morale among its officers when compared against 41 other forces across England and Wales, according to the results of a survey carried out by the Police Federation.

Just 43.1 per cent of respondents from the Force said their morale was currently low in the annual Pay and Morale Survey undertaken by the Police Federation of England and Wales (PFEW), the national organisation that represents constables, sergeants and inspecting ranks.

"Nationally, this survey showed that respondents reporting low personal morale ranged from 72 per cent at the top ranking force to 41.9 per cent at the bottom ranking force," says Tiff Lynch, chairman of the Leicestershire branch of the Police Federation.

"Our results show that there is just one force in England and Wales with a smaller proportion of respondents reporting low morale which appears to be good news for the Force.

"I would just add one note of caution though because, interestingly, while officers reported reasonable levels of personal morale 84 per cent of them felt there was low morale across the Force generally."

The survey also revealed the factors Leicestershire officers felt impacted on their morale with the biggest negative effects being how police are treated as a whole (77.4 per cent) and pay and benefits, including their pension (62.2 per cent).

Other factors included the day to day job role (32.2 per cent), treatment by senior managers (35.4 per cent), workload and responsibilities (42.5 per cent), health and wellbeing (45.8 per cent), opportunities for development and promotion (47.8 per cent) and work-life balance (56.9 per cent).

Almost 67 per cent of respondents from Leicestershire Police said they would not recommend joining the police to others while 7.5 per cent reported that they intended to leave the Force in the next two years.

The survey also showed that 61 per cent of respondents from Leicestershire Police did not feel valued within the police and 63.5 per cent do not feel they are paid fairly for the responsibilities they have within their job.

Tiff explained: "I think these are very important issues. While morale does not seem to be a major problem for us at the moment, it is essential that police officers feel valued and adequately paid for the difficult and challenging roles they carry out.

"They are committed to serving their communities, fighting and preventing crime, keeping order and protecting the vulnerable. "The work they do is tough, demanding and never-ending. They put themselves in harm's way to protect the public, getting injured in the process or paying the ultimate price with their lives.

"With budgets cuts have come fewer officers, diminished resources and increasing crime. Our members are feeling the strain - and want to be adequately rewarded."

The response rate in the Force was 38 per cent, compared to 28 per cent last year. In total across England and Wales 45,000 officers, equivalent to 35 per cent of all Federated ranks, took part in the survey, the biggest response rate to date.

The majority of the Leicestershire respondents were constables (76.4 per cent) with 17.7 per cent being sergeants and 5.9 per cent being from the inspecting ranks.

In total across England and Wales 45,000 officers, equivalent to 35 per cent of all Federated ranks, took part in the survey, the biggest response rate to date.

The results will be used as evidence in the PFEW's submission to the Police Remuneration Review Body at the end of the year.

  • The PFEW survey is the only police workforce survey to gather consistent data on officers' experiences across forces.
    The national headline statistics, and other local force breakdowns, can be found on the Police Federation's national site: www.polfed.org