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Praise for officer who helped

A Leicestershire police officer who saved a mum who had passed out while driving a car with her baby in the back by ramming the vehicle off the M1 has been praised by Leicestershire Police Federation chairman Tiff Lynch.

Tiff backed Chief Constable Simon Cole who said PC Danny Pattison's quick-thinking and brave actions had prevented a potential serious accident.

"Danny acted in the finest traditions of British policing. He saw a member of the public was in danger, assessed the situation and, using his skills and training, was able to bring what could have been a life-threatening incident to a safe conclusion," says Tiff.

Danny was on patrol when alerted to a Peugeot being driven erratically on the A42 and M1. He was near Junction 23 of the M1 when he saw the car weaving across the motorway at about 30mph.

Noticing that the woman was unconscious, he managed to ram the car repeatedly and, despite the fact the driver had her foot on the accelerator, managed to bring it safely to a halt.

The woman had fallen into a diabetic coma but both she and her baby were uninjured.

Danny has been presented with a Chief Constable's commendation.