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Tattoo talk - have your say

If you have received a Police Federation survey on the touchy topic of non-offensive tattoos, please complete and return it.

With one in three young adults in England and Wales now sporting a tattoo, the Police Federation of England and Wales (PFEW) is pushing for consistency. It wants to be sure:

  • Anyone with a (non-offensive) tattoo which cannot be covered will still be considered for entry into the service;
  • Officers can display their tattoos while on duty and not be forced into wearing long sleeved tops regardless of the weather.

Leicestershire Police Federation chairman Tiff Lynch says: "A common sense and up to date approach is required - which will help us get the best talent into the service, and ensure we reflect the society we serve."

PFEW sent out a survey to 11,800 members at random and is looking for as many responses as possible to build an evidence base. A survey with the general public is also planned.

Vicki Martin,who is leading the initiative for PFEW, says: "We are encouraging officers to share photographs of their tattoos - with a proviso to keep them clean - with the hashtag #FedINK. I would like to reassure you that I've had a fantastic response to this work, and it particularly resonates with officers younger in service."