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Cautious welcome to new Home Secretary

The new Home Secretary will need to take time to fully understand policing, says Tiff Lynch, chairman of Leicestershire Police Federation.

Tiff spoke out after Amber Rudd took over at the Home Office following the Cabinet re-shuffle in the wake of former Home Secretary Theresa May's appointment as Prime Minister.

"We congratulate Amber Rudd on her new post," Tiff says, "I hope that she can develop an in-depth understanding of both the police service and the hard-working officers who make up that service.

"The new Home Secretary was at last Thursday's national Police Bravery Awards and that, of all the official engagements she is likely to attend in the next few months, should have given her a true insight into the unique role police officers play in society and the brave acts they carry out daily as part of their duties. They put their lives on the line to serve their communities and their commitment to public service should be fully appreciated and recognised by the Government."

Tiff's views echoed a statement given by Steve White, national chairman of the Police Federation of England and Wales, who urged the Home Secretary to listen to the Federation and also mentioned the bravery awards.

"These tremendous feats of bravery are the tip of the iceberg for the remarkable hard work and talent of officers across England and Wales, a work ethic and performance that makes them the envy of the world over," said Steve.

"It is not just important, it is absolutely imperative that Ms Rudd continues to recognise the talent that exists and provides a suitable platform to harbour and develop this for the good of the nation."

  • As part of the Cabinet re-shuffle, the Prime Minister appointed Great Yarmouth MP Brandon Lewis, the former housing and planning minister, as police and fire service minister. A Remain campaigner, Mr Lewis replaces Mike Penning who moves to the Ministry of Defence.