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LPF chair features in ITN documentary

The future of policing is being examined in a short television programme - and it features Leicestershire Police Federation chairman Tiff Lynch.

The piece is being produced by ITN Productions and is designed to examine the challenges and demands shaping the police service today. ITN reporters look at how the service is responding to new challenges including the war on terror, cyber crime and welfare issues.

Tiff appears in the news-style programme along with national Police Federation chairman Steve White.

Called 'Policing for the Future', it is hosted by Natasha Kaplinsky and will include case studies showing officers who are working in specialist areas, adapting to new technologies, using mobile data in the field, and being protected with advances in defensive kit.

Tiff said: "I was pleased to have been given the opportunity to take part in this programme. Policing is constantly evolving as it adapts to changes within society as a whole and criminality in particular. I was able to talk about how Leicestershire Police is coping with new and emerging challenges and give my views on the police service."

Highlights of the programme will be unveiled at the national Police Federation conference next week, with the full programme available shortly afterwards.

Steve White said: "By collaborating with ITN Productions, we will be raising awareness about some of the challenges being faced by today's police officers, delivering a service which retains the confidence of the public. We'll also be examining how we can attract and retain the best officers, and looking at the welfare issues and demands placed on our members in today's fast-moving landscape, including new threats such as cybercrime and a heightened state of terror which previous generations simply did not have to contend with."