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Inspectors: could you help support your colleagues?

Leicestershire Police Federation currently has a number of vacancies for workplace representatives from the inspecting ranks.

So, if you are an inspector or a chief inspector, do you think you could help support your colleagues?

"While all our representatives work across the ranks, we do feel it is important to have all ranks represented on our Branch Council," says Tiff Lynch, chairman of Leicestershire Police Federation.

"Of course, the inspecting ranks have also had the experience of working as both a constable and a sergeant so they are ideally placed to help other officers.

"So, if you are an inspector or chief inspector, particularly if you have had cause to call on Leicestershire Police Federation for support in the past, please consider putting yourself forward for this role. The Federation's workplace representatives have a vital role to play in supporting colleagues, providing a link between Force managers and officers and also helping improve working conditions as well as Force efficiency."

You can find out more about what being a Federation rep entails by contacting any of the current representatives or the full-time officials in the office.