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Chairman calls for more access to Taser

Calls have been made for all officers who want to be armed with Taser to have it, following an incident in Sheffield.

On 13 April five officers were injured responding to a domestic incident which later turned out to involve a man with an axe.

Steve White, chairman of the Police Federation of England and Wales, said: "This incident highlights the very real dangers that officers face every day and yet again demonstrates the need for chief officers to ensure that the best level of protection is afforded to those who volunteer to serve.

"While Taser may not be the answer to every violent incident, it has been proved to be highly effective in keeping the public, officers and suspects safer than the alternatives. Chiefs must act now and move to provide every officer who wants to carry it access to Taser before it is too late.

"Our thoughts are with all those officers involved."

A woman PC from South Yorkshire Police was the first on the scene at the incident and suffered multiple serious injuries. The PC and a second male officer were injured as they made attempts to arrest the man. Then three other officers, all men, were also injured as they arrested the man who was in his 30s. He has since been charged with attempted murder.