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Conference date - a moment in history?

Members of Leicestershire Police Federation are being invited to attend this year's national Police Federation conference as day visitors.

The Federation is providing coach transport to and from the conference on Wednesday 18 May when Home Secretary Theresa May is expected to give her keynote speech, and will also provide lunch for those attending. Attendance will be classed as non-duty time.

"The Police Federation conference is a highlight of the policing year," says Tiff Lynch, chairman of Leicestershire Police Federation, "The Home Secretary is likely to set out her plans for policing during her speech and our national chairman will address issues of concern to our members in his own keynote speech.

"This will also be the last national Police Federation conference in the current format so it is will be a week that goes down in history making it even more interesting to attend."

The conference, which will be held in Bournemouth from 17 to 19 May this year, is likely to be held in the Midlands next year, making it far more accessible to Federation branches across England and Wales.

The independent review of the Police Federation conducted by Sir David Normington recommended that the conference be slimmed down in terms of time and numbers meaning fewer officers are likely to attend in 2017 and that it will be reduced to a maximum of two days rather than three.

If you are interested in attending this year, please email lpfstaff@lpf.polfed.org as soon as possible.