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Spit guards survey - please take part

28 Feb 2017

With the Police Federation of England and Wales currently tackling the issue of the growing number of assaults on police officers through its Protect The Protectors campaign, a number of forces have announced they are issuing spit guards to their officers while others are known to be actively considering following suit.

On the back of this, we have launched a survey to find out our members' views on spit guards. The survey is open until 16 March 2017 so please take the time to take part so that we can accurately reflect members' views when discussing this important issue with chief officers.

Having been spat at myself when I was a front-line officer, I am completely clear on where I stand on this. I have heard some people opposed to spit guards talking about people's human rights but what about the human rights of police officers who are trying to serve their communities and uphold the law and yet find themselves used as society's punchbags, spat at or even bitten? Surely, forces have a duty to protect police officers and provide them with spit guards as part of their PPE kit?

My views aside, we need to know what you think.

The results of the survey will enable us to collate data on spitting incidents over the last 12 months, find out if officers are aware of the health risks associated with being spat at and judge if public perception should outweigh officer protection.

To take part in the survey, please click here http://hq95t032a/snapwebhost/s.asp?k=148716905551 - the link is only valid from a Force computer and please note that your collar number is only required for potential duplication.

Please help us to help you by completing the survey.

Tiff Lynch