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Officer assaults - our pledge

16 June 2016

No-one should ever consider that being assaulted is just part of the job as far as police officers and police staff are concerned. It is not, and nor should it ever be accepted.

And that is why I am pleased that the Force has launched its Seven-Point Plan on assaults to ensure that all officer and staff assaults are properly handled and that the victims of such attacks are suitably supported.

We were at the forefront of getting this off the ground, having been motivated by a session at the national Police Federation conference in 2015 when John Apter, the Hampshire branch chair, talked about his own force's pledge on officer assaults.

This year John gave an update at the national conference and revealed that the majority of forces have now followed his lead. But there is still work to be done in terms of ensuring that the number of officer assaults are accurately recorded. Only by knowing the full extent of the problem can the police service tackle this issue so I hope that at conference next year we hear that assaults on police officers and police staff are being recorded in a consistent manner.

Of course, officers and staff have their part to play in this and should make sure that if they are victims of an assault they don't shrug it off and accept it as part of their job. Please make sure you report any assaults on you or your colleagues. Also familiarise yourself with the Seven-Point Plan, which is being displayed throughout the Force and, if you feel it is not being followed, then please let me know.

Tiff Lynch