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Believe in Blue

22 February 2016

The Police Federation is progressing well as it seeks to transform itself into an organisation that is truly fit for purpose and working in the best interests of its members, hard-working police officers across England and Wales.

With a number of the recommendations from Sir David Normington's independent review of the Federation having been acted on, some of the more fundamental reforms, those requiring legislative change before they can be implemented, will be brought back to the national conference in Bournemouth in May.

The conference itself could well mark the end of an era since, as a result of the review, it will be a much smaller affair in the future. It is also likely to be held more centrally in 2017, making the Midlands a likely venue and may only run for two days rather than three. Only a few years ago, the conference week got underway with an eve of conference women's meeting on the Monday too, spreading the event over four days.

But while the Federation has had to turn much of its attention to itself, it has not solely been inward looking and its latest national campaign, Believe in Blue, will be launched next month with a range of promotional materials highlighting the demands of policing and showing how often officers go above and beyond the call of duty to show courage, compassion and commitment when serving our communities.

The aim of the campaign is to encourage more members of the public to show their support for the police service and therefore influence politicians.

Adverts for the campaign, which will be launched in March, will show common incidents handled by the police - a domestic scene of an arrest and a neglected child, officers picking up the pieces after public disorder, a firearms raid and a neighbourhood policing scene showing officers interacting with young people.

A campaign website will feature positive police stories from around England and Wales, demonstrating how we routinely run towards danger while others run away and put ourselves in harm's way to save others. Stories will be uploaded regularly and there is a facility for officers and members of the public to submit their own content as well.

So, look out for the promotional materials, visit the Believe in Blue website (www.believeinblue.org.uk) and encourage your friends, families and colleagues to do the same.

Tiff Lynch