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Looking ahead

14 January 2016

The end of one year and the start of another brings us a chance for reflection but also a time to look forward, both on a personal and professional front.

So, while I may not share my own personal resolutions for the new year with members, I would just like to set out my priorities for 2016 as Leicestershire Police Federation chairman.

First and foremost, I want to focus on officer welfare. Since the demise of the Force's own welfare department, I feel officers have not always received the support they not just need but also deserve. Without one source to turn to, it has become something of a lottery as to the level of help they have received. It is time for this to be addressed so I am making it my mission to tackle the Force on this one.

Secondly, and linked to welfare, are officer assaults. We started to work more closely with the Force on this last year after Hampshire Police Federation chairman John Apter talked about the issue at our annual conference in May. I discussed Hampshire's seven-point plan initiative with the Chief Constable on my return and was pleased that he too wanted to improve the way the Force handles officer assaults.

The Force's own seven-point plan on officer assaults should be launched soon but that is just the start of the journey as I now want to ensure that all officer assaults are handled consistently. It can never be right for officer assaults to be considered part of the job.

My third priority will be the launch of an education programme with the PSD team. Our aim is to increase member awareness of the issues that could lead to them being subject to a PSD investigation.

I will keep you updated on progress in these three focus areas during the year but would also welcome your views on these issues so please email me at tlynch@lpf.polfed.org.

Tiff Lynch