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Stay vigilant

I think it is fair to say that following the statement from the Metropolitan Police, in which police officers were warned of a 'heightened' risk to their safety from terrorists, everyone has been feeling a little worried.

Metropolitan Police Assistant Commissioner Mark Rowley, national policing lead for counter-terrorism, made the statement last month.

While we are on an increased threat level please do not relax and get comfortable. Make sure you are constantly thinking about your personal safety, both at work and while off duty.

All officers should by now have been given a briefing on Operation Serene, which was launched off the back of the increased threat level. I would encourage you all to read the Op Order as well.

The key message is to be alert but not alarmed. Do not take any risks.

Meanwhile, we are continuing to work with the Force on Operation Edison which is coming into its implementation stage in the New Year. Shift patterns for deptartments and teams are now in and LPF is working together with the Force to try to ensure fair shift patterns and arrangements for flexible working. I will keep you posted.

Lastly, but by no means least, we are pushing on with the work to reform Leicestershire Police Federation to ensure members get the best service possible.

We are adopting the recommendations in Sir David Normington's review of the Police Federation of England and Wales with some changes already underway and others in the pipeline.

Separate rank committees have been suspended, in line with the review team's findings, and LPF representative Tracey Willetts has been appointed as equality lead, acknowledging the review's emphasis on the need for more work in this area.

Our Police Federation representatives' details do change. To obtain the details of a Federation rep click on the Reps' tab on the About us section of this site or call the Federation office on 0116 275 9930.