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Time to move forward

I have taken over the position of LPF chair at what promises to be an exciting time for the Police Federation.

Now it is time to start to move forward, to regain the trust and respect of officers and the public and to create a Federation that is fit for the future of policing.

At the forefront of that is the announcement by the Federation's newly formed Interim National Board (INB) and Interim National Council (INC) that the Police Federation of England and Wales will now be obliged to "act in the interest of both officers and the public" and will have to fully account for any use of public funds.

The move marks a step towards greater transparency - something which I think you will all agree is much needed.

The changes were made at the inaugural meeting of the new council and are the first to be made to the "core purpose" document, which sets out the aims and objectives of the Federation.

Following on from the acceptance of the independent review recommendations at conference, it is great to be able to start work on implementing them, although I am proud to say that much of the content of the report is already practised here in Leicestershire. We have always been 100 per cent behind the reforms and ready to embrace change.

We are currently looking at ways of better communicating with our membership, to bring us more up to date with digital modern media. We are working with our media team to bring you updates and important links in a more informative way.

Finally, I would like to thank everyone who has supported me so far in my new role following John Hughes' retirement. John has left LPF in a strong position, and despite Leicestershire being one of the smallest Federations, we are regarded as one of the strongest, most united Federations in the country.