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Time to move forward
Many of you will be aware that the independent review into the Police Federation of England and Wales was published in January.

Since then we have had numerous meetings to progress this involving the Federation chairmen and secretaries from up and down the country and the national Joint Central Committee, and that work is still very much ongoing.

I am happy to report that here in Leicestershire your Joint Branch Board have all read all of the report and its recommendations, have met in their separate boards and when the JBB met on 10 April we again discussed each recommendation.

All of the boards from up and down the country have been asked to submit an official response to the recommendations ahead of a meeting at the end of this month.

I can confirm that the Leicestershire Joint Branch Board position on all of the recommendations is that they should be taken forward. There will no doubt need to be some small amount of amendment or fine tuning to some of these recommendations but we trust that the new National Council and review implementation team can do this as we move through the process.

We see nothing that should prevent this process being done in the time line already suggested and in full.

Also this week our national chairman and general secretary have announced their imminent retirement.

I, and the Board here, wish them well for the future and would like to recognise the huge amount of work they have done on behalf of the members of the Police Federation nationally.

There will now be a need for both of those vitally important roles to be filled with the right candidate.

I have contacted all of the members of the Joint Central Committee and asked that in the spirit of openness and reform they suspend any voting arrangements until after Police Federation conference when the independent review has been properly discussed and voted on.

I hope they will heed our request.