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On the Move
On Friday 28 March, Leicestershire Police Federation (LPF) will be leaving Force Headquarters to move to offices in Whetstone.

The new LPF base will be at Suite B, Lancaster House, Grange Business Park, Whetstone, Leicestershire and will be leased from the LPF Medical Scheme and LPF Group Insurance Scheme which will share the premises.

We feel the time is right for the Federation to move out of FHQ and free up office space for the Force since there never seems to be quite enough room to accommodate everyone who needs to be at Enderby.

The move is also part of our commitment to help the Force as it seeks to maintain front-line policing services with increasingly restricted funding.

We have proactively sought to change the way we, as your Federation, do business. For example, we have reduced the number of meetings we hold which, in turn, means your Federation reps are abstracted from their day to day roles less often.

But the office move is not just about trying to help the Force. We also believe the move will enable us to improve the services we offer to our members. Straw & Pearce, our lawyers, will be taking office space at Lancaster House making their services more accessible to our members.

There are also times when we know that members would prefer to visit us at a non-Force building.

So, please take the time to visit us at our new office, any time from Monday 31 March.

John Hughes
Leicestershire Police Federation