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No punches pulled in review report
Monday 20 January 2014 was potentially the most important day in Police Federation history in the last near century.

The Police Federation independent review was published in central London and both myself and LPF secretary Malc Mills attended the launch meeting which was led by the review panel chair, Sir David Normington.

If you haven't already studied the document please take the time to do so and please talk to your local Federation representatives and contact us with your thoughts and views.

You can find the report online

The report has been a no punches pulled, hard hitting document. It contains criticism but it also contains praise.

We have discussed the document at the Leicestershire Police Federation Joint Branch Board meeting which took place on Wednesday 22 January and both myself and Malc have since attended a national chairs and secretaries meeting where the agenda was dominated by this topic.

The Joint Branch Board in Leicestershire wishes to engage fully with this review. I see it as an opportunity to refocus, reshape and make us fit for purpose in a modern era.

I see that the document implemented in full can do great things for the efficiency, reputation and future of the Police Federation of England and Wales.

John Hughes
Leicestershire Police Federation