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Conference 2016

Conference - Day 3 (19 May 2016)

Officer assaults: 'never just part of the job'

Treating officers who are assaulted in the course of their duties properly needs to become part of the DNA of policing, Hampshire Police Federation chairman John Apter told the second day of conference.

John, who has led a campaign to ensure that officer assaults are never accepted as just part of the job, also called on police chiefs to roll-out Taser to all officers who wanted to use them, saying they were an essential bit of kit.

"I accept it's expensive but what is the cost of the safety of your officers so please think again," he implored chief constables.

During the update on progress since the Hampshire chair first addressed conference about pioneering work on officer assaults in his own force, John told delegates that better systems were being put in place to ensure more accurate recording of attacks on police but said there still need to be standardisation of officer safety training nationwide.

Other topics discussed on conference Day 2 included police pursuit and response driving, during which it was argued legislative change was needed to protect officers, the increase in mental health issues among officers and the future of women in policing.

Among the most interesting speakers of the day was HMCIC Sir Tom Winsor who paid a heartfelt tribute to Merseyside PC Dave Phillips and his family and acknowledged the risks faced by rank and file officers each and every day.

Thursday, the final day of conference, will include sessions on the issues affecting an older workforce, protecting the vulnerable and the College of Policing.